You know that episode in “Friends” when Ross is trying to get everyone ready go to a black-tie event at the museum and Rachel is taking forever to pick an outfit?

Rachel goes through about 4-5 different outfits to make sure everything is perfect for Ross’ big night. 

I know I’m not alone in feeling the same about brand collateral.

Why? Because it has to be juuust right so we can turn that lead into a paying client. 

Each piece of collateral has the potential to make them more money and book more of those dreamboat clients. 

Think about your collateral items you typically give to your clients. What do your customer see when they first drop onto your website, your inbox, and even when they discover you on social media?

Now, think about each of those touch-points. Are they professional and truly represent your brand? Does it give them a peek into the personal experience that you walk through with each of your clients?

If you’re hesitant to answer yes to any of those questions, chances are that you can actually improve them and make more money!

If your collateral items are holding you back from charging what you’re worth, then you’re leaving money on the table, friend. 

I know the struggle. You have this little voice in your head that wants to be confident charging what you KNOW you’re worth, but you don’t have that professional presence to communicate the true value that you bring to the table. 

Good news, friend. I’m comin’ atcha today with a whole bunch of tips to upgrade the look of your collateral so you can finally price your services at what you DESERVE.

Keep it Simple

It’s so easy to add in all the things when it comes to communicating with your collateral. Get rid of any elements that aren’t necessary to communicate the experience that you’ll give to your customers.

Make it Clear

Make sure you have clear headings and body copy in whatever you’re creating. When you chunk your content, your reader will be more likely to read through all your content than if they were trying to read through paragraphs and paragraphs of copy.

Add Whitespace

If you’re not sure what ‘whitespace’ is, don’t worry. Whitespace in design is space that doesn’t have any content in it. Instead of filling up every single space with an image or a bit of text, adding white space to your collateral items allows room to focus on what you really want the reader to focus on!

Add Imagery to Enhance

Using things like graphics or imagery in your collateral can convey your message and clarify your brand. But don’t go so crazy with a bunch of images that it’s difficult to get the message across.

Now that you have my best tips for creating an awesome piece of content, make sure that your prices reflect the professionalism and value that your bring to your clients.

Head on over to grab your own copy of the Price Your Services Calculator so you can get back to booking those dream clients!

with an online presence you can’t help but be proud of.


Stand out confidently,