It’s safe to say that I LOVE my clients and I truly connect with each of them. But this project was a little different. Jessica Dahlinger was the realtor that helped us find and purchase our very first home and when she came to me wanting to upgrade her brand, I was ecstatic to give back to her. I was always impressed with her knowledge, expertise, and her “get shiz done” attitude, and I was excited to be able to showcase that in her branding. 

As we talked more about what her brand needed to be, we came to the conclusion that her brand needed to be timeless and show off her expertise, while communicating the knowledge that she brings to each and every client.

What we ended up with was just that. A unique, timeless brand that seamlessly integrated into her business and represented the expert that Jessica is.

We wanted the brand to be neutral, but strong and professional. So we gathered styles that would set the direction for the brand.
Each of the collateral items for Jessica Dahlinger was custom designed to portray her real-estate expertise.

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