I am SO EXCITED to share with you guys the new site we created for Jessica Douglas Photography. When Jess and I first met, she told me how she had been up at 3 am feeding her newborn when she came across some work I had done for her friend Cacie Caroll, and she knew she needed to have a site that truly showed her personality and showcased her work in the best light.

Jess was previously on a ProPhoto website and while it had served her well up to this point, it was time for an upgrade in all the best ways. I told her about the design freedom of Showit and how we could create a truly unique, custom site, and she was in!

We brought in Kayla from The Literary Co. to bring Jess’ voice and values throughout the website copy, all while attracting the right people for Jess. And you guys, she knocked it out of the park!

When it was time to start on the design, Jess had an expertly designed brand from Liminal States so we took what we had from her brand designer and ran with it on her website. The end result… *chef’s kiss* was a custom website for Jess to show up as her best self and display her photography in a way that tells the stories of the people (and pets) she meets. One of the best parts though? When she looked at her portfolio page and she told me that the way it was laid out made her fall in love with her work all over again.

Here’s what Jess had to say about the process!

What’s your favorite part of your new website?

“I don’t think I have just ONE favourite part. How could I? The design, the layouts, the ease of the navigation, how fluid it all comes together… I just can’t pick one. Amanda, you killed it! Exactly what I envisioned and MORE! BUT, if I had to sit down and really pick ONE, I’d have to say how cool the portfolio pages look. I’ve never seen a portfolio page look the way mine does and It really just grabs my attention in all the best ways. I also really love the feature towards the bottom of the page to flip through all the different pages my website has to offer, it’s exactly what I was looking for.. fun and engaging!”

How do you think this updated look will impact your business?

“This updated website will help me find my niche clients in the world of wedding photography! I really wanted my website to be a true reflection of who I am as a person and I really feel confident knowing that Amanda took all my ideas and made a site that will impact those I know who hold the same values and morals as well as see me as an artist and not just a button pusher. I also feel that my new website shows the viewer I really do care for my couples and that I care about what I do and why I do what I do. So I’m confident that my website will attract the right couples/families to book me!”

What was your favorite part about working together?

“You made it so easy! You made me feel like I was your number #1 client and that all my ideas were great ideas (So in short form, you made me feel safe to express all my ideas) and you were so understanding. Life is nuts, and a big project like this I know takes time, but you were on the ball every.single.time! I loved our zoom meetings and seeing you and getting to chat, it was such a personable part of the process and made me feel better knowing I knew the human behind the design! I also loved how organized you were and kept me on track. I loved all the little programs too you used to make things like showing me how to use Loom and ClickUp. These are actually programs now that I have implemented in my business, so it was really cool to be introduced to those applications through you! 100000000000/10.”

When I was in the beginning stages of searching for a designer to re-design my website, I happened upon Amanda from a fellow photographer friend. I was in AWE. Her design style was exactly was I was looking for and after asking my friend about her experience, choosing Amanda was the easiest and BEST decision I’ve made for my business! Right from the get go, Amanda set expectations and worked with me to come up with design aspects that spoke to me and that described me and my business to a T. She always made me feel safe in expressions my wishes and included me in the design process. This was an incredible experience for me to appreciate all that goes into website design and truly making each and every website design unique. If you’re someone who is looking to revamp, update or simply have help create the BEST freaking website you’ll ever have, then I highly recommend Amanda Scott! She will blow you away and exceed all expectations. The whole process was easy, well thought out, engaging and so much fun to be apart of. Investing in my website, in me and in Amanda was the best decision for my business and I cannot wait to see what happens next!

Jessica Douglas

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