Guys! I’m so excited to share the launch of the new custom brand and Showit website for Hannah Ruth Photography.

When Hannah first approached me, she told me that she knew she needed some changes to her brand and website. She felt like she had outgrown them and needed a more professional online presence that would showcase her work in all of the best ways!

Before we dove into any design, it was important to uncover what makes Hannah and her photography business unique. We used the brand strategy process to take a deep dive into her business, her values, and the heart of why she runs the business the way she does. We also looked at her ideal client and some of her competitors to understand the full picture of her photography business. We uncovered that her style and the connection that she creates with each of her clients is what helps her stand out from other photographers in her area. She captures ethereal moments for each and every client.

When it came time to design her brand, we wanted to elevate what she had currently. Her current brand felt a little too youthful for the clients that she was aiming to attract and the colors she had been using detracted from her beautiful work, instead of supporting it. The end result was a brand that felt professional and would attract more of the clients she was looking to work with.

The website is where the brand really got to come to life when combined with Hannah’s gorgeous work. We wanted it to feel like an immersive experience where a visitor could really experience the beautiful moments Hannah captures. We included details from her branding like elegant florals, the frames for the photos and stunning typography that conveys an upscale experience.

Hannah’s new site not only looks stunning, but is designed to speak directly to her ideal client with copywriting from Kayla over at The Literary Co. and a design that encourages engagement. Her site was strategically designed to bolster inquiries from any visitor that wants to capture life’s moments. Be sure to check out how the site turned out here.

Here’s Hannah’s take on the process:

How do you think this updated look will impact your business?

“More amazing couples, amazing venues, and amazing clients!”

Did we successfully accomplish your design goals?

“Yes yes yes!”

What was your favorite part about working together?

“All of it! Thank you for being honest + upfront – you are so talented and smart and patient”

Working with Amanda was amazing from start to beginning! I never realized how much work went into creating a logo + brand + website, and it’s a lot of work!! I wouldn’t have wanted to work with anyone else! Amanda is honest, smart, talented, and upfront and I like that! I’m a very “I don’t care” person and she made me care and I am so happy! Thank you Amanda I can’t wait to launch this site and let the world see all the prettiness!

-Hannah Ruth

with an online presence you can’t help but be proud of.


Stand out confidently,