I’m SO excited to share the launch of Caitlin Grace Photography’s new brand and website! When Caitlin and I first met, the only place she had to show her work was on her Instagram. While everything was going well, Caitlin knew that she needed a professional brand and website to grow her business even further. From the very first voice message we exchanged I knew we had an instant connection and I couldn’t wait to hear more about her and her business.

Before diving into the website, Caitlin needed a professional brand to set the foundation and create cohesion across all of her platforms. Looking at her work, there was no question that we needed to capture the warmth and elegance that she finds in each of her couples. The end result is a brand system that truly captures her and her work.

When it came time for her website, we wanted to create a space where potential clients could get to know Caitlin and catch a glimpse of the beauty she captures in each and every photo. We used texture and color to add to the ambiance of her site, along with a layout that guided the user through the site naturally.

My husband and I actually had a trip planned to Maui (where Caitlin is based out of!) and I was able to meet her in person and work on her site together. We even had a shoot with her where we were able to experience the magic that Caitlin creates. Check out the photos here!

I know this has been a work in progress for Caitlin for a longgg time and I’m so honored to have been a part of helping her step into this next chapter of her business!

Here’s Caitlin’s take on the process:

What’s your favorite part of your new brand?

“It’s PERFECT. The brand radiates beauty, elegance and simplicity. I feel that it calls to my ideal clientele.”

What’s your favorite part of your new website?

“EVERYTHING! The colors are so warm and inviting. Makes me think that people will actually want to hang out on the site to explore. I love the layout and easy access to what people want to find.”

How do you think this updated look will impact your business?

“I feel professional. It has been years without an “official” website. It was way past due and I can’t wait for clients to get to know my work and me better. I have no idea what is going to happen. But definitely feel that clients will be sold after they hit submit on the inquire form.”

Did we successfully accomplish your design goals?

“MOST CERTAINLY. Exceeded my exceptions. I am still in ‘AWE!! Is this even real?!'”

What was your favorite part about working together?

“Amanda goes above and beyond. She became more than someone I hired, she became a friend. She understands my needs and ideas. She just gets me! Not to mention her level of patience with me. She’s always calm even when it comes to revisions. I know I can be over the top when it comes to business and she wanted to make sure she could deliver every single time. I can’t wait to hire her for more projects as this business continues to grow. I will recommend her to every single business owner!”

“Amanda was suggested to me after I had posted that I was looking for a branding/website designer. I did my research and even landed on a photographer’s webpage that she created. I had chills!!! I was SOLD. The idea of price and budget kinda flew out the window at that point. Because at the end of the day, Amanda was worth every single penny. I can’t wait to launch my website, the feedback as I’ve posted sneak peeks has been total excitement. She will continue to be hired by me for future projects. She just gets me! Her level of creativity and design is out of this world. I feel so lucky to have had her talent to help me grow. Thank you, Amanda!!!

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