I’m so excited to share about the launch of Cacie Carroll Photography’s new website! When Cacie and I first met, she had a DIY Squarespace website but it felt generic and didn’t represent the luxury experience that she provided for her clients. She needed a website that felt elevated, unique and showcased her gorgeous work.

To start the process, we refreshed her logos, refined her color palette chose new fonts that exuded boldness and luxury. Then we met as a team with Kayla from The Literary Co. to rework her website copy to be more reflective of her brand voice and communicate the ultimate wedding experience Cacie takes each of her clients through.

The combination of the refreshed brand, elevated website copy and her stunning work made it easy to create a site that perfectly captures Cacie’s brand. It feels bold, luxurious, and takes the user on a journey. We included her travel calendar since Cacie is always on the go, and showcased all the incredible adventures she’s gone on with her couples.

Here’s Cacie’s take on the process:

What’s your favorite part of your new website?

“I don’t think there is one specific part of my website that I love so much, it really well and truly is all the small details Amanda thought of that give the overall site incredible!”

How do you think this updated look will impact your business?

“My favorite part are the details:) things I would have never thought of like images appearing when you hover over specific areas of my site!”

Did we successfully accomplish your design goals?

“1000% YES”

How do you think this updated look will impact your business?

“Oh, I think my business will have an exponential increase in dream clients! My website really is the icing on the cake that was missing! I’ve had an influx of dream clients already in my inbox within less than 2 weeks of launching!”

What was your favorite part about working together?

Amanda’s impeccable communication and workflow are just the smaller pieces that I adore about her and her business! She was organized, gave me ideas, was open to everything I suggested (even if it wasn’t fitting for what we were going for). Amanda knew more than I did what I wanted and needed in a website and I don’t find I work with people often who understand me more than I understand me!

“Hands down, choose this as a HIGH priority investment. I would recommend Amanda to every person I meet who is a business owner! You NEED Amanda to do this for you, trust me!”

Click to view the live website!

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