I’m so excited to share the new brand and website design created for Patrick Gray (AKA DJ Stash, a wedding and event DJ)! When I first met Patrick, he had been piecing together his brand and trying to attract clients on a very basic Wix site, which wasn’t doing much for his brand. He was ready to invest in his business by creating a custom brand and website that really showed his personality and appealed to his ideal client.

It was during the market research phase of the process that we found that there was a gap in the market that Patrick and his business fit perfectly. All of DJ Stash’s competitors had brands that were bland, and websites that didn’t really get customers excited about working with them. It was then that it became clear that we needed to show off Patrick’s fun personality and get people excited about the opportunity to work with him before they even reached out.

For the brand, that meant leaning hard into expressive color, patterns, and other elements that invoked the feeling of being at the best party of your life. Patrick is also obsessed with all things vintage (vinyl, old turntables, and audio equipment) so we drew inspiration from that as well.

When it came time to design the website, we agreed that we wanted to break some “rules” to create an interesting and engaging site, all while communicating the value Patrick brings to every event. Kayla from The Literary Co. crafted engaging copy for the site that spoke directly to his ideal clients. Patrick also had a brand shoot that elevated the entire site and gave it another level of professionalism.

Here’s Patrick take on the process:

What’s your favorite part of your new branding?

My favorite part about my branding is how it shows my goofy and fun side but also lets individuals know I mean business. I feel as if my brand will let people understand my price point and the value I provide.

What’s your favorite part of your new website? 

My favorite part about my website is the brand elements and the scrolling bar that show my events. Every time I show my website to someone they comment on how nice it is. I think it’s better than they expected it to be.

What was your favorite part about working together? 

My favorite part was the communication. It felt good being able to talk out differences or explain what I am thinking and having someone say no that’s not your brand.

with an online presence you can’t help but be proud of.


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