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I’m SO excited about the launch of the Florence Street Interiors Brand and Website! I met Whitney last year and she was getting ready to establish her own interior design business after working with different firms throughout the years. Because she was going out on her own, she needed a brand and website that was polished and engaging.

There were a couple of things we needed to accomplish with Whitney’s brand. She needed it to be classic in style so that it represented her design style well. But she also wanted to incorporate some organic elements as well. That’s where her home on Florence Street came in.

Her home had been her muse for so long so it was the perfect opportunity to make it the centerpiece of her brand. I hand-drew her front porch, giving homage to Whitney’s inviting and down-to-earth spirit. The front door paired with the classic-meets-modern edge type made it the perfect mark for Florence Street Interiors.

When it came time to work on her website, we wanted to be able to showcase her work through large, impactful photos. We also wanted to invite the visitor into her site and make them feel at home. The end result was a site that has an easy flow to it while encouraging people to reach out to start their project.

Here’s Whitney’s feedback on the process:

What’s your favorite part of your new website?

“All of it! It’s a perfect expression of what I want Florence Street to be. With every project I am to create spaces that are welcoming and comfortable and that forgo flash for timelessness. I love a little bit of drama and moodiness mixed in with classic details and I feel like both my brand and website encapsulate this ethos perfectly. The branding and the website conveys the heart of Florence Street Interiors while the functionality and layout make it incredibly easy to navigate and understand. I am so proud to send new clients to my site, knowing they’re seeing a beautiful site that makes them excited to work with Florence Street.”

What’s your favorite part of your new branding?

“It captured the heart and soul of my company flawlessly. When Amanda and I first talked, we hit on the three main guiding principles of Florence Street Interiors: sophisticated, classic, and inviting and this logo embodies all three of those words perfectly. The logo is timeless and each time I show it to someone new, they say ‘this logo is perfect for you!’”

How do you think this updated look will impact your business?

“While I’m not new to the interior design profession, I am new to small business ownership and as a brand new business, I wanted to make sure I was presenting a polished image to clients right away. The branding and website help calm some of those new business jitters – I can direct clients to a beautiful and considered website and follow up with branded communications, design packages, and invoicing, presenting a comprehensive package that speaks to good design and professionalism. This professional presence allows me to be confident in my pricing and client selection, as well, and provides an incredible opportunity for growth.”

What was your favorite part about working together?

I felt like we were on a team – you provided the guidance and advice (and amazing design!) I needed when I really, really wanted to scrap this silly idea and go back to my day job. This has been a stressful time (to put it lightly) and I wasn’t super confident in my decision to go out on my own. You brought Florence Street Interiors to life and had we not worked together, this would likely still just be a daydream. Thank you for always listening, for pushing me forward when I tried my very best to stick my head in the sand and ignore my due dates, and for creating such a beautiful brand that makes me excited to walk across the hall to work every morning. Florence Street wouldn’t be possible without you, Amanda, and I’m forever grateful for that.”

Amanda is a true master of her craft. Not only is she a talented designer, she is a wonderful resource for small business startups and – most importantly – she’s a tireless cheerleader right when you need it the most.

Making the decision to go out on your own is overwhelming, particularly when it comes to branding and website design. I knew what kind of image I wanted to present to clients, but I had no idea how to achieve it – or even where to start. Amanda listened to my vision for my boutique interior design business and she created a branding package and website that communicates exactly who I am. Her process is comprehensive and defined and she is an excellent communicator (even when I wasn’t!). I understood the process every step of the way and felt like we were partners on this project, not just designer and client.

Amanda is genuinely in your corner – she wants to see you succeed and her work absolutely gives you the tools to do so. I can’t thank her enough.

Florence Street Interiors- Interior Design Branding
Florence Street Interiors- Interior Design Branding
Florence Street Interiors- Interior Design Branding
Florence Street Interiors- Interior Design Branding
Florence Street Interiors- Interior Design Branding
Florence Street Interiors- Interior Design Branding
Florence Street Interiors- Interior Design Branding
Florence Street Interiors- Interior Design Branding

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