I’m so excited to unveil Derek Pigulski’s new realtor brand! When I first met Derek, I could tell that he had big dreams of where he wanted to take his real estate career. And he needed to have a brand that would grow with those dreams he had.

Derek’s not your average realtor. He served in the US Air Force before being honorably discharged to pursue a career in real estate. Derek uses his own experience to help other military first-time homebuyers achieve their goals of owning their own home. He takes care of it all from helping them know what makes financial sense, to making sure the utilities are on before the buyer even comes home.

Once we had a good understanding of his typical clientele, we looked at where Derek wanted to take his career and overall vibe he needed for his brand. He wanted to be presented as a trusted real estate professional that had the grit and expertise that his clients could count on to take care of every little thing. But above all else, he still wanted his brand to feel approachable and authentic to be true to his personality.

Here’s a quick interview with Derek about the process:

What’s your favorite part of your new branding?

“My favorite part about the branding is how strongly I feel connected to it. The essence of how I wanted people to feel when they saw my logo, my branding, was right on the money. I was able to capture something earthy, organic inspired but also elegant and prestigious. Normally those two don’t meet, but Amanda was able to mesh them together unlike anything I could have asked for.!”

How do you think this updated look will impact your business?

“I am ecstatic. People will now see this as the ultimate arrival of legitimacy. No more am I just a guy with a side hustle, we’re now a fully branded and operating successful business enterprise.”

Did we successfully accomplish your design goals?

“YES, a million times yes. I would not have created anything better in my mind about how to improve what we have here. I’m so ecstatic to present it and watch the marketing materials begin to develop. I can’t wait to hand people elements from my brand at their closings.”

What was your favorite part about working together?

“The in-depth communication was second to none. Amanda diligently asked me questions over the course of hour-long, multiple times, to ensure there would not be a SINGLE detail missed from what I was about, and what I looked for. She took the small details that create the entire aura of me and implemented them into my branding in such subtle ways even to include the font. I am just so impressed and excited.”

“Working with Amanda is something every business owner needs to do. You go into the project completely overwhelmed and thinking yourself about what to brand yourself as. Amanda makes it seem so seamless that you never should have stressed in the first place. She wants you to give her ALL the details of who you are, what you’re about, what type of feelings do you want to radiate, and then she gets to work. The timing is amazing, it doesn’t drag on, all deadlines are always met, and she will have you truly looking forward to our facetime calls together to where she presents her updates. She cares about each customer so much and treats our businesses like it is more important than even her own.

I’m so blown away by her creativity, her eye, and her talent as an artist is absolutely unparalleled. I cannot recommend hiring Amanda any more than I do, and I’ll continue to refer her name everywhere.”

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