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I’m SO excited about the launch of Sonderlust’s Brand and Website! I first met Natasha and when she was looking to open her own interior design studio and she needed help creating a brand and website that would convey the inspirational yet luxe impression that she wanted her clients to feel while working with her. During the process, Natasha brought on Stacey and the two have been an absolute dream to work with!

One of the first things we established was that Sonderlust wasn’t going to be like other interior designers. They specialized in design-centric construction to create a wholistic process both for her customers, and her partners she worked with throughout the project. But above all of that, they wanted to create a brand that inspired a sense of wonder and was influenced by design styles from around the world.

Once we accomplished all of that with the brand, we needed to make it really come to life on the website. The website needed to be easy and straightforward to use, but continue that feeling of inspiration that started with Sonderlust’s brand.

Using the brand as a springboard, Sydney from Mountain Muse created beautiful brand photography that elevated the brand to a whole new level, and really brought the website to life. To speak directly to Sonderlust’s ideal client, Jenny from Pushpoint Marketing crafted copy that guided visitors through Sonderlust’s principles and design process so that they might get a sense of what it was like to work with Natasha and Stacey.

It truly takes a village to make something this monumental come to life, and I’ve been so honored to work alongside Natasha and Stacey to bring their vision for Sonderlust Interior Design to life!

Here’s Natasha’s take on the process:

What’s your favorite part of your new branding?

“I mean…have you seen the website?! The WHOLE THING is amazing! But I’d have to say my favorite part about the new site is simply that it feels so professional. From the graphics, to the flow, to the palette, everything feels so unified and “on brand.” A close 2nd would be the Portfolio page. I challenged Amanda to help me to categorize/filter out projects within the Portfolio, and she nailed it! It will be really helpful to help potential clients understand the diversity of the Portfolio, both now and as we take on more work thanks to this beautiful new site!”

What’s your favorite part of your new branding?

“My goal in starting this re-branding process was to develop a brand that felt unique and authentic to myself as a designer, but could also evolve as the business grows and develops. I did not want to pigeon-hole the company with a name and brand that felt limiting or easily defined; I wanted a name and logo that felt a little mysterious, that stirred up interest on its own. The logo needed to feel modern and somewhat minimal, with a dash of character that would allude to my passion for travel and culture. The unique (yet meaningful) name of the company, Sonderlust, paired with Amanda’s beautiful logo design far exceeded my expectations by making a visual statement that clearly differentiates itself in the marketplace, and allows for the brand to diversify and expand. In the end, the brand feels 100% unique and authentic. It’s thought-provoking, memorable, beautiful and versatile – all props to Amanda’s quick intuition and amazing design skills.”

How do you think this updated look will impact your business?

“I fully believe that the new website will serve as a launching pad to take our company to the next level as we further expand on our vision for the brand. This new site will help to present the business as an established, professional brand in the industry. My main goal was to build a website that would differentiate the company in a marketplace that is flooded with other amazingly talented designers. I feel that this new website will do just that by being organized in a way that feels fresh, is organized beautifully, and describes our services differently. The website, in combination with incredible photography and copy, presents Sonderlust in a way that feels authentic, trusting and desirable.”

Did we successfully accomplish your design goals?

“We successfully accomplished my design goals – and more! Coming into this, I had no idea how complex this process would be with all of the information we needed to convey through the site, both now and in the future. This “phase 1″ of the process has set us up beautifully to expand upon the site in the future.”

What was your favorite part about working together?

“This project was such a great experience for me to be on the “client side” of design. Amanda’s systems and processes were so professional, and helped me to see ways I could improve my own processes to enhance my clients’ experience. Amanda’s workflow has projects set up for success!”

“When researching web designers, I struggled and struggled to find someone that I felt drawn to, someone that I resonated with. I somehow stumbled upon Amanda’s Instagram and knew within a few clicks that she was the one I wanted to hire. Even though she was in Idaho and I in Denver, I did not hesitate to reach out. Little did I know that Amanda would have such a streamlined process in place to work with clients virtually. I would be willing to bet that her process and workflow was even more efficient than it would have been had I hired someone locally.

Amanda has great design intuition. After answering a questionnaire and doing a virtual call, Amanda put together my mood board and nailed it on the first presentation. Then came the branding package and she nailed it again! We made a few very small tweaks, and it was perfection! As for the website, Amanda has great skill at building a unique website flow, and interpreting the needs and wants for the site. For anyone considering a new brand or website, I guarantee Amanda will interpret your vision and brand your company in a way that exceeds your expectations.

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