If you don’t already know this about me, I love learning new things. But I’m also not one of those people who signs up for every single course and then never finishes it. I like to carefully choose what type of course or learning I invest in because I want to make sure that I’m going to see results. And, if I’m being honest, not every course I’ve invested in has been totally worth it. There are some courses where I felt like I already knew everything they were teaching and I didn’t grow. 

And maybe that’s a fear of yours too. Before you invest in a course you want to know exactly what you’re going to get out of it. And you want to know that you’re not throwing away your hard-earned cash on something that is going to leave you wishing you learned something NEW.

Well today, I’m here to share my experience in the Booked Out Designer Course from Elizabeth McCravy. And spoiler alert, if you’re a designer who wants to learn from one of the best in the biz EXACTLY how she successfully runs her business, then you’re in the right place. No joke, this course is something I wish I would’ve been taught in my college days. 

If you’re not already familiar with Elizabeth, she’s a Showit Website and Brand Designer. She has an amazing podcast where she shares all things website, branding and marketing to entrepreneurs and small business owners everywhere. She also has an amazing template shop full of beautiful, fun templates for coaches, photographers, and other service providers. But she started out like many of us designers, doing 1:1 work with clients, and she’s still doing it today! She’s worked with some serious *dream* clients too!

Now she has an AMAZING course that is specifically for designers who are ready to build a business that keeps them in-demand. I’m here to give you the insider scoop on what’s really inside this course, right? Okay, let’s dive in. 

Client Process

This was without a doubt my favorite module in the course. We all know that the key to a happy client is a seamless client experience. And Elizabeth literally shows you how she does EVERYTHING from when a lead drops into your inbox to wrapping up the project and sending them on their merry way.  I’m talking about onboarding, setting boundaries, gifting, doing the project, getting killer testimonials, and how to wrap it up with a pretty bow. Oh! And how blogging your project will help you book your next client!

Elizabeth goes into the nitty gritty stuff too like what questions she asks on her questionnaires, getting content from the client and more. There is so much info in this module that was so valuable to see. Being able to see how Elizabeth does it enables me to tweak my own process to make sure it’s seamless and enjoyable for my clients as well.


I know this is something that so many service providers and designers struggle with! In Booked Out Designer, Elizabeth goes into a few different ways to structure your pricing, and how to choose what’s best for your business. Not only that, but she also digs into how to deal with those awkward client asks like discounts, or price objections. AND the most important part, how to raise your prices so you can start earning more!

Networking and Marketing

As far as impactful modules go, I think this one takes the cake for me. I’m definitely an introvert and the thought of showing my face on social media or talking to the camera literally terrified me. I’m talking sweaty palms, racing heart, the whole shebang. But in Booked Out Designer, I learned how to overcome that! I’ve been able to show up consistently to my friends on Instagram and that has lead to more people inquiring about my services. Before I had almost never gotten a single lead from Instagram and now it’s my top place I find my clients! 

But beyond finding clients, Elizabeth goes into pitching yourself for podcasts, connecting with other top designers and making connections at in-person events. All of this information was SO helpful and even helped me get featured on two new publications! 

Nailing Discovery Calls and Making the Sale

This is sometimes the hardest part of running a design business, because it can be hard to talk about money and ask someone to commit to working with you! But with Elizabeth’s help, I feel SO much more confident going into my discovery calls. I know what type of questions to ask, how to deal with awkward situations (like asking for a discount) and how to make saying yes easy for the client!

Live Coaching and Mindset Calls

The coaching calls with Elizabeth in Booked Out Designer are seriously the best. Being able to talk through whatever you’re struggling with or just want some guidance on is something that I look forward to with every call. Not only that, but the chat is filled with other students chiming in to give their advice and perspective too. I know I walked away from the coaching calls with a lot more clarity even if I just listened to other students speak. 

Oh and the mindset calls with Becky Hoscheck? They were everything I didn’t know I needed. It was so incredible to hear her talk about some blocks that I was having and be able to work through them. I swear she read my mind and knew exactly what I needed to hear on the calls. 

Facebook Community

I saved the best for last here. I knew when I signed up for Booked Out Designer that I would get the knowledge I was after. But what I had no idea about was the Facebook Community. I have never been in a more supportive and helpful community than the one for Booked Out Designer. I had heard people talk about “Community Over Competition” but I didn’t really understand what it meant until I joined this group. Some of my best designer friends came out of the group and I’m so thankful! I’ve even had 1:1 coffee convos with designers from the group and it feels like I gained a whole group of friends that I didn’t know I needed until I joined this course.

So here’s the thing, friend. I’ve just scratched the surface of all the things that are waiting for you in Booked Out Designer. I’ve given you a sneak peek of some of my favorite things that I’ve taken from the course but I still feel like I can keep coming back to this course as I grow to implement new strategies and learn new tactics to running a successful design business. 

If you want to see everything that you get with the course head over here to get allll the details. I have no doubt if you join, you will see so many wins in your business! And I can’t wait to cheer you on inside our tight-knit Facebook Community!

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