You’ve heard of this ‘thing’ called SEO or Search Engine Optimization, but you’re not totally sure how to achieve it. Good news for you, buddy. Because today, I’m digging into the 6 ways that you can up your game when it comes to SEO on your website. 

With all of the different algorithms that Google has going on behind the scenes, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and frustrated that your website traffic isn’t growing. But here’s what Google is trying to do for its customers: deliver the best and most relevant content. So if you make great content that your audience is looking for, that is the foundation of SEO. 

Keep reading for 6 ways that you can up your SEO-game on your website.

How to optimize your website for SEO


Knowing the keywords that you want your site to show up for is the first thing you want to make sure that is nailed down. For example, if you are a wedding photographer in Idaho, your keywords will probably be “Idaho wedding photographer” or “Boise wedding photographer”.

When these keywords show up in your headlines, content and image titles, it will help Google to know that your website has the content that your users are looking for. 

Image Titles

Tell me if this is the case for you too, bud. You want to make a quick update to your site. You grab the image you want from your desktop and upload it to your site. But the title of the image is IMG-478.jpg. Instead of uploading an image that is vaguely named, take a quick second and swap it out for a more descriptive name that contains some of your keywords. 

Then once you do this, you can also update the title of the image in the backend of your website with some of the same keywords! Then when google is scanning your site, it knows what your image is for. 

Page Titles

You may not know this, but Google actually puts quite a bit of weight on the titles of your pages. So instead of naming them unique names like “Journal” instead of “Blog” and “Experience” instead of “Services”, opt to keep it clear what exactly are on those pages. That will not only help Google to know, but it will also be that much clearer to your users as well! 

Page Descriptions

Page descriptions are really easy to forget about because we typically don’t see them unless we are doing a Google search for our own pages. BUT they are super important for search optimization. They are the little descriptions that show up in Google search after the title of your page:

If you drop more of your keywords into your page descriptions, that will help those page show up in search results!  Keep these short and to the point since Google only shows 158 characters. 

Correct Headings 

If your using a platform like Showit or Squarespace, you likely have noticed that there are different levels of headings that you can use throughout you site, and they probably look something like this:


There’s some pretty simple rules to follow when it comes to your headings. You only want to have one H1 (Title) per page. This tells Google what the page is actually about. If you are putting more than one H1 per page, you are probably confusing Google and that’s no good, friend. 


You may or may not know that blogging can be great for SEO! It’s a great way to demonstrate to your audience your expertise and show off your work. 

For example, when a bride is looking for venues in her area , your blog will has show up because you have a bog post from a wedding there. You’ve instantly created rapport because you’re an awesome photographer AND you already know the ins-and-outs of the venue that she has her eye on.

The key here: keep in mind those core keywords and add in extras like the venue name and location.

Wrapping It All In A Bow

SEO doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a little bit of everything to help your site show up when users are looking for someone like you. But if you deploy these practices today and keep up with them, you’ll be on your way to that coveted top spot.

How to optimize your website for SEO

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