Farm Fresh Beef

Farm Fresh Beef is the sister company of Farm Fresh Wheat. When I initially talked to Elizabeth, we came to the conclusion that she wanted this brand to be a sister brand to Farm Fresh Wheat. We needed to keep a similar look and feel, but still appeal to a slightly different audience. Since Elizabeth and Kevin were going to raise and sell their beef locally at farmers markets, it was important to stand out.

The end result was a brand that felt fun and fresh (pun intended), while still being reminiscent of the sister brand. 

Brand Identity Design,

"Working with Amanda is so easy! She gets to know her clients so the brand not only reflects their business, but who they are as business owners. 

Elizabeth Sieverkropp

"Two years ago we had an amazing branding experience with Amanda (and still receive many compliments on our branding), so we definitely wanted her to design the branding for our sister brand. We approached Amanda with the task of creating a sister brand that would complement and feel cohesive with our original brand. This sounds simple enough, but sometimes the simplest things can be the hardest to pull off. The branding for our new brand complements the sister brand while having its own unique vibe. If possible, we are even happier with this branding than we were our first (and we LOVE our first brand)!"

Get ready for a purposeful, holistic design that honors the heart of your business.

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