Derek Pigulski

Derek Pigulski is a realtor based out of Florida. As a veteran living in a large military community, he helps military families buy, sell, and rent their homes all while navigating the uncertainty that comes with military life. Derek came to me needing a brand that would help him stand out in a crowded real estate market, all while communicating the elegance and premium service he provides for each client. 

Brand Identity Design, Collateral Design

"Working with Amanda is something every business owner needs to do. She cares about each customer so much and treats our businesses like it is more important than even her own. 

Derek Pigulski

You go into the project completely overwhelmed and thinking yourself about what to brand yourself as. Amanda makes it seem so seamless that you never should have stressed in the first place. She wants you to give her ALL the details of who you are, what you're about, what type of feelings do you want to radiate, and then she gets to work. I'm so blown away by her creativity, her eye, and her talent as an artist is absolutely unparalleled. I cannot recommend hiring Amanda any more than I do, and I'll continue to refer her name everywhere.

Get ready for a purposeful, holistic design that honors the heart of your business.

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