Now I’m that person that signs up for just about every webinar I can find. But I’m not the person that signs up for every course under the sun. Just the opposite in fact. However, there’s one course that I’ve taken that has changed the way I look at just about every aspect of my business. And today, I’m dishing about all the goods that I learned in a copywriting course, and how it actually refined my brand in ways that I hadn’t even thought of.

Flashback to six months ago and I was slow to write captions for instagram, struggling to come up with website copy that sold my services accurately, and I sounded waaay too corporate anytime I wrote anything. Not only that, but I was struggling to connect with my ideal client.

If this sounds at all like you, first I want you to know you’re not alone. But more importantly, I want you to know that there’s something you can do about it! About six months ago I decided I was going to make a change and get better at copywriting. It was one skill that DESPERATELY needed some love. I found Ashlyn’s Copywriting for Creatives course and ya’ll, I’m still finding ways its impacted for I run this biz of mine. Here’s just a few things I got out of the course:

No more wasting time staring at a blank page

I can’t tell you how many hours I spent just staring at that stupid blinking cursor. Now that I’ve been through the course, writing comes a lot more naturally because I have a rock solid foundation that I can continue to build on.

A refined brand

Get this, even brand designers struggle with branding themselves. We have the same struggles you do. We have all these thoughts going on in our heads and it’s difficult to distill them by yourself. But when you have someone to help you research your ideal client, develop your brand voice, and build a strategy, that all gets a little easier. This course helped me do all those things and lead to an epic rebrand and launch.

A brand voice that sounds like ME.

This is something that I struggled with A LOT before the course. After spending so much time in corporate, my writing also sounded corporate, and that just wasn’t me at all. I learned how I could let my quirky personality come through my copywriting.

And get this. After I finished the course, I had my best friend read through all the website copy (what a friend, right?!) and she said, “I love this. It actually sounds like you!” Mission accomplished.

A website that converts browsers to buyers.

I know what you’re thinking. All this doesn’t help unless the words SELL. Don’t you worry friend. Ashlyn is a master conversion copywriter and the program she’s developed is centered around your ideal client and making that sale.

If you haven’t heard of Copywriting for Creatives, head on over to learn all about the course. And friends, I’m not getting anything from sweet Ashlyn by telling you all about this course. I’m simply doing it because I want you all to have badass websites. With Ashlyn’s wordsmithing guidance and a one-of-a-kind website designed by yours truly, I know you can take on the world (and have a whole lot more time to do it too.)

with an online presence you can’t help but be proud of.


Stand out confidently,