Running a business is no joke. You’re wearing all the hats and trying to keep everything straight and organized. Trust me, I know. But I’ve got a secret weapon in my arsenal that allows me to focus more on running my business and less on the admin portion. And today, I’m dishing on the one tool that takes the headache out of keeping my branding and web design projects organized.


Below you’ll find the 7 features of Dubsado that make running the admin portion of my business a breeze.


01. Proposals

This is one of the areas where Dubsado shines. Proposals make it easy to go from inquiry to booking in the matter of minutes (No, I’m not kidding). All I have to do is send a proposal over to my lead, and they can select which packages they want, sign the contract, and pay the invoice–all in one transaction.


That means no more back and forth about what services I’m able to offer, sending over a contract with those services, and then sending a link to get paid.


Everything is in one place which makes it uber-easy for my clients to book with me. And trust me, that’s always a good thing.


02. Workflows

Workflows are where the magic of Dubsado comes to life. I no longer have to manually keeping track of where each project is in the process.


Dubsado is kind enough to keep me up to date about what is needed for each project with automatic to-do’s, reminder emails, and forms that are auto-magically sent to my clients at the right time. How cool is that?!


03. Scheduler

You know how you’re always trying to find a time when you can meet-up with that dream client? You’re emailing back and forth, suggesting days and times, only to find out that you’ve wasted an hour just trying to schedule a simple appointment?


That’s a thing of the past. Dubsado has its own integrated scheduler that syncs with your calendar, and is linked directly to the right project. You can even accept payments and limit the amount of appointments you can have on a single day. Win-win!


04. Canned Emails

You know that email that you have to keep writing?  What if you didn’t have to write the whole thing over and over again? That’s exactly what I’m talking about with canned emails.


I have a set of emails written out and ready to go for each part of the branding and website design process. It saves me literally HOURS each week.  And if I need to make an adjustment to it, I can still do that.


05. Packages

All the services and packages I offer are loaded into Dubsado. That means when a client reaches out to work with me, I already have my pricing for each service ready to go.


That makes setting up and invoicing a branding or website project a breeze.


05. Digital signatures

No more worrying about sending contracts that have to be emailed, printed out, signed, scanned and then emailed back. Dubsado allows you to send ALL kinds of forms that can be digitally signed.


That means when I need to send a branding system or a website mockup to a client, I can have them review the work, leave comments, and sign-off if they approve! Talk about easy!


07. Brand Integration

As a brand designer, it’s SUPER important to make sure that all my stuff looks cohesive, and Dubsado allows me to do just that. From custom fonts, colors and layouts, it’s easy to make sure everything is consistent with my brand.


They even allow you to use your own website domain so it appears that everything appears that it’s under you, not some other system.


08. Facebook Community

Last but not least, the Dubsado Facebook Community is always active with idea sharing, helpful hints, and overall positive vibes.


And the best part, it’s not just Dubsado users in the community. The whole Dubsado team is crazy-active in the community answering questions, holding Facebook Live streams, and being all-around-awesome.



The point? Dubsado has literally saved me hours each week and allowed me to scale my business while running my business as a side gig. It’s the one tool that I pay for that I’ll never get rid of simply because I couldn’t live without it.


If you want in on the awesome-ness of Dubsado, you’re in luck. Dubsado has a free-forever trial that allows you to have up to 3 projects in the system before it asks you to subscribe.


That means you can take as long as you want to explore ALL the features of Dubsado. And while I mentioned my favorites here, there are tons more features in the system that will make your business run like a well-oiled machine.


AND if you love it as much as I do (I know you will!) you can use my affiliate code “amandascott” for 20% off your first month or year.

with an online presence you can’t help but be proud of.


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